The Strategist: Course Description

The Strategist: Suggested Reading

Strategy … or Anti-Strategy

The Prisoner’s Dilemma … or Another Game

Competition … or Cooperation

The Bigger Picture … or the Smaller Picture

Trade-off … or Trade-on

My Mind … or Your Mind

The Normal Distribution … or Another Distribution

Weakness … or Strength

The Strategist 1

The Strategist 2

The Strategist 3

The Strategist 4

The Strategist 5

The Strategist 6

The Strategist 7

The Strategist 8

Notes for “The Fog of War” (dir. by Errol Morris, Sony Pictures Classics, 2003)

Climate Change Mitigation and the Role of Energy, lecture to The Strategist by Jessika Trancik (MIT), February 2015

Different Pictures of the University, with Jessy Hsieh, December 2014

Is the Corporation a Moral Person?, by Amy Nelson, May 2013

Summary of Hack B-School, March 2013

What is the Philosophy of a Strategist?

Origins of Game Theory

Some Comments on Value

How is the Pie Divided?

Added Value, Positioning, and Segments

Added Value, Stars, and Talent

A Definition of Strategy

Thinking About Moves in the Game

Strength and Weakness in the Game of Business

Creating the Largest Pie

All the Players in the Game